Addiction Treatment Process




Based on the Assessment, a level of care will be determined that best fits with the individual needs of your teen. The clinician will arrange a start date with you, the parent(s), or guardian(s). The first week of treatment is used to orient the youth to the program and establish a supportive relationship. Within the first week, the teen will meet their primary counselor, and with the help of their counselor, create their Treatment Plan. The Treatment Plan identifies goals and objectives for treatment, and can be considered the “road map” for the start of their recovery.

The assessment will also assist the clinician in determining the need for a Psychiatric Assessment. Psychiatric Assessments can be completed at Vencer under most circumstances, but may also be referred to an outside provider. If your teen is already seeing a therapist or psychiatrist for mental health treatment or medication management services, we recommended those services continue. It is highly recommended that release of information be signed to allow for communication between providers to ensure collaboration of treatment services.

treatment process schedule



While in Partial Hospitalization Programming (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP), your teen will be involved in daily groups and weekly individual sessions. Group programming consists of a mixture of therapeutic process groups, psycho-educational groups, and supporting therapeutic activities. Each teen will receive at least one individual session per week.

While in the treatment, random drug tests will be administered in order to continue to monitor sobriety and/or levels of substances present in the body. All samples are sent to an outside laboratory. Results are typically available within 24-72 hours.


The number one predictor of a teen’s success in maintaining recovery is the families’ involvement in treatment. We do understand the stress and burden that is often placed on the family members of someone addicted to psychoactive substances and compulsive behaviors. Sometimes treatment also feels like a burden to the family. We at Vencer do our best to minimize this burden, but also understand the importance of getting the entire family involved.

Vencer provides a Family Education Program in the evenings, once every other week. This is not family therapy, but instead an opportunity for families to learn about addiction, the services we are providing, and to bridge the gap between the teen’s treatment life and their home life. Communication between the treatment provider and the parent(s)/guardian(s) creates a united front and ensures that we are all utilizing the same techniques, sending the same messages, and demonstrating universal support. It is understandable that some families have been through this before in other treatment programs, but continued involvement is vital to the success of the teenager. Individual Family Counseling sessions with your teen’s primary counselor are also available upon request.


Level 1

$ 99

Per Month

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is the highest level of out patient care offered. The PHP is designed for those individuals who are experiencing difficulty in all or most areas of life. These issues can commonly be related to addiction as well as other co-occurring mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression. This program is offered six hours per day, Monday thru Thursday and half day on Fridays.

Level 2

$ 99

Per Month

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed to address the treatment needs of teens who are experiencing problems related to abuse or dependence on drugs, alcohol, gambling, or electronic gaming. This program is designed as an intensive treatment program, which will meet 3 hours per day 5 days per week.

Level 3

$ 99

Per Month

As a step down from the IOP, Individual and Family Therapy is offered as additional support in the continued recovery process for adolescents who have successfully completed the IOP program and gained increased stability in their lives. This outpatient service is available typically 1-3 hours per week and can occur weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly based on the individual needs of the client and family.


After completing IOP, teens are stepped down to General Outpatient for aftercare services. In this level, your teen will participate in individual sessions only. No group sessions are currently offered at this level of care. Aftercare is meant to provide ongoing support as that teen completes treatment programming and prepares for maintaining their recovery without the support of a formal treatment program. The frequency of individual sessions is determined by the primary counselor. Typically teens will begin meeting their counselor for individual sessions on a weekly basis. As they continue to demonstrate stability, this frequency will decrease to biweekly and then monthly.